Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Candles By Victoria Haul!

So I bought a few things from Candles By Victoria when she was having her 20% off sale, and let’s just say… I went a little candle crazy. ;)

Here’s the website link:

This is such an amazing company to order from and I completely recommend all their candles to everybody! They burn better than any candle I’ve ever had and they always smell amazing. Victoria and her family are just wonderful, and I could never say anything bad about them or their company. Customer service has always been OUTSTANDING. If you ever have any questions, I would definitely say to visit her Twitter page or Facebook page.

I’m going to do individual reviews on all the candles bought (some were scents that I’ve already reviewed before so I won’t review those again – but I can link back to those reviews).

Here’s my order:

Wick Trimmer

9 oz. Country Jar Candle – Banana Nut Bread

9 oz. Country Jar Candle – Chocolate Mint

9 oz. Country Jar Candle – Rae’s Hot Coco & Marshmallows

8 oz. Jar Candle – Chocolate Pudding

8 oz. Jar Candle – Coconut Cake

8 oz. Jar Candle – Caramelized Pralines

8 oz. Jar Candle – Log Cabin

8 oz. Jar Candle – Red Velvet Cake

8 oz. Jar Candle – Zucchini Bread

Mini Jelly Jar Candle – German Chocolate Cake

Scent Shot – Pumpkin Apple Cinnamon Bread

Scent Shot – Buttery Gingerbread

Scent Shot – Buttercream Crunch

Scent Shot – Cherry Cobbler

Scent Shot – Country Coffee Cake

Scent Shot – Vanilla Coffee Crunch

S’more Galore

*Free Scent Shot* – Marshmallow Campfire

**Links will be up when reviews are done!

Did anybody else order from CBV during the 20% off? If so, please feel free to say what you got and your favorite scents!

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