Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Candles By Victoria–Zucchini Bread Review & Photos

Rating: 8/10

Sold: Candles By Victoria

Price: Depends on candle size

Description: “Spicy scent of zucchini bread baking in the oven”



  • Don’t get me wrong, this scent smells AMAZING, but I don’t think it smells like zucchini bread… (only reason I docked it 2 points)
  • It definitely has a spicy scent to it
  • It reminds of banana nut bread, more than zucchini bread
  • It’s very creamy


  • Can’t smell any zucchini :(

**Woah – okay, so that was my cold throw smell of the candle. I just now decided to rub my finger in the way a little to see if it smells any different, and it does! I definitely smell more of the zucchini now! Crazy, how it can smell SO different! I think I can bump this up to a 9/10.

Candles By Victoria–Zucchini Bread

Candles By Victoria–Zucchini Bread

Candles By Victoria–Zucchini Bread


e. Xx said...

Oh my, I LOVE the sound of this candle! Honestly, I've not heard of them before but might do a bit of a google search to see if I can grab myself one! Thanks for the review :)

Macy said...

@e. Xx - Yes! You have to try them! The link is! They also have a newsletter where she has "sales/discounts" at the beginning of the month usually. The newsletter also has any new scents she has come out with for that month. I 100% recommend the candles and the business. Candles By Victoria has the best customer service out there if you have any questions!