Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Questionnaire: August 13, 2012

1.) Mood:

Happy! Had such a good day!

2.) If you had to guess, how many beauty products would you say you use a day?

I would say at least 15, with skincare and makes being included.

3.) Are you a good swimmer?

I'm not terrible, but I hate swimming!

4.) Current nail polish:

POP Beauty Pinkest - blog post soon

5.) What is your favorite dinner dish?

BBQ Ribs and mac & cheese

6.) Current outfit:

My pajamas! Ready for bed!

7.) Do you like to dance?


8.) Can you drive a manual transmission/stick shift car?

I doubt it! I've never done it, and I doubt I could learn!

9.) What is the last beauty product you purchased?

I purchased a few Revlon Kissable Lip Balms and the new Revlon Creme Foundation a few days ago!

10.) Weekly goals:

Get everything ready for school to start back up!



Copied from amarixe!


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