Thursday, November 21, 2013

NEW VIDEO: November 2013 | Empties!

Here's my latest empties video! Hope you enjoy! :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NEW VIDEO: November 2013 | Bastiste, Revlon, Maybelline, the Balm, B&BW Haul!

Here's a new haul video!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation Review, Swatch, & Photos

After purchasing the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation and Liquid Foundation in an Ulta Haul in June, I decided to do a... somewhat tiny review on the powder foundation! I've only used the liquid foundation once, and realized the shade is a little too light for me in the summer, therefore I'll test it out and review it in the winter! However, I have used the powder foundation almost every day, and have just recently finished it!


The above pictures are of the box that the powder comes in. As you can see, there are quite a few different things that appear on the box. One of the first things on the box is a list of what the product claims to have or to do. The two things that popped out when I read it was "sweat resistant" and "water resistant." Hopefully you're thinking the same thing as me... A powder foundation that withstands water and sweat? Yeah, sure.

The ingredients are listed on the back of the box, while the directions and shade/color is printed on the sides of the box. This definitely comes in handy when searching through boxes to find the right color. The shade is printed on the top of the box, which means you can stack the boxes in a drawer and easily pull on out to use the powder. I think this would be a great idea if you were using this in a makeup kit - even though the boxes might make it a bit more bulky!

As for the actual packaging, I'm a little disappointed. It's very plastic-y and lightweight. It feels very cheap, but is also extremely bulky. It does include a sponge in the bottom, but I still feel like NYX could make the packaging more manageable. Also, there is only 7.5 grams of powder in this container (for $9.99), which can go very quickly. But, this is still more cost-effective than some powder foundations, such as MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation which is $27 for 15 grams. You're still saving money with the NYX powder, but is it worth it?

I have now used this foundation for a couple months and I want to say that no, I do think it is worth saving the money over buying something such as MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I've used this several ways - to set a liquid foundation, to blot, and as a powder foundation. The only ways I would use this to set a liquid foundation or to blot. It definitely mattifies the skin and takes away any oil or sheen that may be on the skin. This is definitely nice for the summer months! However, using this powder as a powder foundation resulted in an extremely cake-y face. EXTREME. I cannot even explain to you how powdery this is. I have never had a problem with MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. I find that to be extremely silky and it glides on to the skin almost like a cream. This NYX powder is just that, POWDER. It flies everywhere when you put you're brush into it! If you have dry skin, don't even dare! My oily skin couldn't even handle this powdery mess! It literally sits on top of the face without looking like skin. It just looks cakey!

As you can see in the swatch photos, the powder seems seems very dry and kind of patchy. That's exactly how it applies on the face. The coverage is okay, but not good enough that it covers without the powdery mess. Like mentioned before, MAC Studio Fix Powder goes on to the skin and looks like skin, not like you're wearing makeup. It's a silky finish, but still leaves you matte. It's the ultimate powder foundation for somebody that wants to apply some powder and is out the door!

I hope this helps you out, and maybe steers you clear of buying the NYX Powder Foundation. There are much better options, and I wouldn't waste $10 on a powder that doesn't leave your skin looking beautiful.

If you have any other questions, that I didn't answer, please leave them down below! :)