Friday, July 4, 2014

My Newest Purchase: Foldio!

Today was the day I made the decision that I wanted to start blogging again (along with YouTube, of course!). The more I get into the YouTube, the more I realize how much I miss reviewing products and providing others with swatches of products that I have bought. I always say how I want to do video reviews over products, but most of the time I review these products in my favorites or empties videos. I feel like I might be repeating myself more than I need to! What I do want to give everybody are swatches and photos of the products. I used to do blog posts almost every day, and I thoroughly miss doing this. My only problem was that I had a horrible time with lighting and getting good pictures of the products. So... when I was skimming the internet yesterday, I came across this...

Called the Foldio - it's a super convenient and portable lightbox. I'm hoping this solves my lighting problems and I'm able to take amazing pictures! I purchased this today (July 4th), so I'm hoping it will be here next week!

I don't think the pricing was too bad, considering it has the LED lights and a few different backdrops. From what I've always seen before, this looks like the most portable lightbox out there. I would have purchased one before, had it not been for the fact that I don't have any room to store extra lighting. I love the fact that this folds up completely flat, so storing is going to be super easy!

I'm so excited for this to arrive and try it out! I hope you're excited for upcoming posts over new makeup items I've purchased (which you'll see in an Ulta haul soon)!

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