Monday, July 15, 2013

Inglot #154 Eyeshadow Review, Swatch, & Photos

I cannot believe I'm finally writing this blog post! Or that I even have this product to show you! After my best friend goes off to Vegas for her 21st birthday, the last thing I expect is her bringing back an Inglot Eyeshadow!? I was completely baffled none the less, but so so so thankful! <3

I have been wanting to try Inglot forever now! Of course, I live nowhere near one, since most Inglot stores are in bigger cities, but I know if I ever go to a city with one... I'm going to be all over it! I would love to order online, but I am a little overwhelmed with the number of shadows they have! I find it super hard to base eyeshadows on their swatches online, so I'd much rather swatch in store!

With that being said, my best friend, Emily, went into the store looking for a neutral color (knowing that's basically all I wear). I believe she said a sales girl ended up helping her pick out a bestselling neutral shade. And here's what she ended up getting me...

How stunning is this shadow!? Beautiful metallic taupe! I want to mention the packaging first though...

The palettes are completely magnetic, so the eyeshadow just pops right in! The top of the palette is also magnetic and can be completely taken off (below) or left on (top) to use the eyeshadow. I find this so hand that it gives you the control you want - especially with the single eyeshadow!

However, the one negative point I want to make about the packaging is that once you get the eyeshadow in... it's NOT easy to get out! I've watched YouTube videos on how to get this out, and I still can't figure out the trick. So if anybody has any tips, please let me know! As you can see the bottom is a magnet, which makes the shadow stick very well in the palette!

If you aren't set on the Inglot palettes that they offer (and having trouble getting them out), I recommend grabbing a Unii or Z Palette. The eyeshadows will magnetize to these palettes and you won't have one problem getting them out. Also, because each eyeshadow is made for a palette, the number is printed right on the back!

Now I want to move onto the actual eyeshadow! I don't think I can say any negatives about it to be quite honest. It's amazing. The formula is buttery smooth and the pigmentation is outstanding. I am so extremely happy with this eyeshadow that I have the urge to order online because I don't think I could be disappointed with any of the eyeshadows if the the formula is similar to this one!

The color is a perfect bronzy-taupe with a metallic sheen. Looks great for any look, and any eye color! Lately, I've been putting this all over the lid, and then blending it up into the crease. This adds an effect that looks like I added a darker color in the crease - which I didn't! It's so quick and easy for every day!

As you can see, the shadow is beautiful! I would recommend this shadow 100%. You can buy this shadow from Inglot's website, or Inglot stores. The eyeshadow is $6, while the palette/pan is also $6 - adding up to $12 if you want just one single eyeshadow. This is why I recommend buying more than one, because you'll end up saving money with the palette price!

Hope you enjoyed the review! I really hope some of you get to try these eyeshadows because they're awesome! If you have any questions, please leave them down below! :)

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